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Thursday, March 5, 2015
Nuri Arlasez, a sufi and collectioner who donated his all collections to the cultural institutions was commemorated with a conference organized with contributions of Topkapı Palace Lovers Association at the date March 5th 2015. Nuri Arlasez was donated his printed books and photograph collection to... ... Devamı
Friday, February 27, 2015
Classic Turkish Arts Foundation have printed Fascimile of the Quran calligraphed by Ahmed Şemseddin Karahisari at the 16th century. Fascimile, have been introduced at the Topkapı Palace Museum. Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoğlu participated to the event. Ahmed Davutoğlu described Karahisari as the Sun... ... Devamı

Research Services

You can make online research for Topkapı Palace Museum Manuscript Library catalouge from here
You can make online research for Palace Archive Document catalouge from here
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Last Events

Like the last year, Traditional Palace Festivals that including demonstrations of archery and horsemanship will be held...
The Tradational Wish Mery Holiday ( Bayramlaşma - Celebrating )and sweet pastry with nuts or Baklava Parade was...
As you know that the most beautiful and selection of Horses had always been in Privy Stables at The Topkapi Palace....

Last Exhibitions

Turkish coffee culture and tradition was entered to the UNESCO "Non-Material Heritage" list at the year 2013. Due to...
The exhibition Kadıasker Mustafa İzzet Efendi: Callıgrapher, Nay (Oblique Flute) Player, And Composer has opened at the...
Within the scope of events of Blessed Birth Week, the exhibition: "Love for Prophet: Prophet at his birth's 1443th...

Museum Information

Museum is open everyday except Tuesdays. Museum is also closed at first days of the religious festive days untill afternoon.

Sacred Relics Department

We ask that you refrain from entering the Sacred Relics Department with shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, or strapless clothing.

Hagia Irene

Hagia Irene Church, which is located at first courtyard of The Topkapi Palace, is opened to visit for visitors. The Hagia Irene Church can be visited as individual visitor from now on. Ticket Price is 20 TL for one person.

Baby Cars

Exhibiton hall is not visited with baby car. Please don’t forget this rule before buy a ticket. 

Harem Section

If you want to visit Harem you have to buy a seperate ticket from the ticket booths where stands outside of the museum or in front of the Harem  entrance. Ticket Price for one person for the Harem entrance is 15 TL.

Photo Shooting

Please, do not take photo inside the exhibition halls in which contains/displays objects for avoid interrupting other visitors' tour and avoid harm objects with flashlight

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