Babusselam - Gate of Salutation ( Middle Gate )

Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror had the middle gate built in 1468. After repairs completed during the Suleyman the Magnificent reign, the gate’s cut stone portal arch with wide borders and side niches reflect classic Ottoman architectural styles, and its two towers resemble European castle entrances. The iron door was the work of İsa bin Mehmed in 1524. On the side facing the first courtyard, are seen Kelime-i Tevhid (statement of Islamic faith), Sultan Mahmud II signature, marble plaques with inscriptions regarding reparations dated 1758, and the signature of Sultan Mustafa III. On the side facing the second courtyard, the rococo style arches are dated to the 18th Century, and the landscapes dated to the 19th Century. The wards that were used by the guards on either side of the gate are no longer extant.
No one on horseback but the Sultan was permitted to pass through this ceremonial gate, which leads into the main section of the palace. Today it serves as the visitor entrance to the Museum.