Circumcision Room

The Circumcision Room (Sünnet Odası) is thought to have been built during the reign of Kanunî Sultan Süleyman - Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent. It is located on the palace grounds’ most spectacular segment facing the Galata district. This pavilion initially planned as the Sultan's summer kiosk (Yazlık Oda) is referred to as Circumcision Room, due to the fact that it was the venue used for the circumcision – a religious tradition in Islam for cleanliness and purity - ceremony of the princes-sons of Sultan Ahmet III (1703 -1730).
The quasi-square-shaped single-hall pavilion has a small kitchen in the rear. The blue-and-white colour tiles made ​​in thatch style covering the façade of the building were the work of the famous 16th century muralist Shah Kulu. The building was renovated in 1640 by Sultan Ibrahim (1640-1648) as part of the redevelopment of the terrace.