Fascimile of the Karahisari Quran Have Been Introduced at the Topkapı Palace Museum

Friday, February 27, 2015

Classic Turkish Arts Foundation have printed Fascimile of the Quran calligraphed by Ahmed Şemseddin Karahisari at the 16th century. Fascimile, have been introduced at the Topkapı Palace Museum. Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoğlu participated to the event. Ahmed Davutoğlu described Karahisari as the Sun of Calligraphy. He also recorded that calligraphy is not just an aesthetic art, it is also a divine art. Davutoğlu said: "Our civilization is a civilization where Revelation and aesthetic, mind and heart and knowledge with wisdom meets together. I’am expressing that we will always support these foundations making this kind of studies. This is our duty of loyalty to the heart work, elbow grease and handicraft of Karahisari"