Mecidiye Kiosk

The Mecidiye Pavilion is the most recent building at Topkapı Palace. It was commissioned by Sultan Abdülmecit in 1859 to Serkis Balyan, the architect of the Dolmabahçe Palace. Initially called the New Kiosk, it was later named the Mecidiye Kiosk with reference to Sultan Abdülmecit who had it built.  It was erected on the vaulted basement of the Third Place and Tent Kiosks dating from the 15th century; certain parts of the basement walls and foundations underneath date from the Byzantine period. During the late period where the Sultans had moved their permanent residence to the Dolmabahçe and Yıldız Palaces, they would visit the Topkapı Palace only for brief journeys and stay at the Mecidiye Pavilion when they would come here for their Accession to the Throne Ceremony (Cülus) or their processional visits to the Mantle of Felicity.