Hyacinth Time at the Topkapı Palace

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Haluk Dursun president of the Topkapı Palace Museum told in his written declaration that Palace is working for projecting past's beauties to present and providing their continuation. Within this scope, he told that Palace is working on traditional landscape adjustment by seeding more than 100 thousand hyacinth to the Enderun courtyard. White hyacinths brought from Maraş at the Ottoman Period were acquired from the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul Haluk Dursun said. He also told that there is not just the objects are exhibiting also garden beautinesses of the Turkish Culture are being presented at the Topkapı Palace Museum. Haluk Dursun told that the visitors really like the hyacinth gardens and they are taking photos of the hyacinths also.
He also said that tulips will be seen at the Museum also and roses will be seen at May.