Past Events

At the festival ground organized specially for traditional Topkapı Palace conquest celebration and Palace Festivals, Mehter Group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism gave a concert. Also, the Archery and Horseback Riding Club made a show at the Sultan Murad IV' training ground
Within the events of the Museums' Week, Mehter concert performed by the Metheran Division of Harbiye Military Museum has been watched by visitors with a great appreciation. Concert has been started from the First Courtyard of the Palace and continued in front of the Gate of Felicity in the Second Courtyard of the Topkapı Palace Museum. Concert was started at 11:00 AM. at the date May 20th Wednesday 2015.  
The Tradational Wish Mery Holiday ( Bayramlaşma - Celebrating )and sweet pastry with nuts or Baklava Parade was celabrated with the attendant of the Museum’s staff and visitors  who come early for the visit at the Topkapi Palace second courtyard  on Augst 12th.  Before this event President of the Topkapi Palace Museum Prof. A. Haluk Dursun said to the attendants “  We should have only one aim being here that is serve to the palace” He continued his speach and said that “... ...More
As you know that the most beautiful and selection of Horses had always been in Privy Stables at The Topkapi Palace. Horse is a very important component or symbol at the history of ottoman dynasty. In this contex horses have always esteemed by sultans. Especially, at the time of the Sultan Murad IV the best horses ornameted with  the most beautiful harnesses and the archers showed at back of the Enderun Courtyard on horseback for  the sultans’ pleasure. These demonstrations were... ...More
Haluk Dursun president of the Topkapı Palace Museum told in his written declaration that Palace is working for projecting past's beauties to present and providing their continuation. Within this scope, he told that Palace is working on traditional landscape adjustment by seeding more than 100 thousand hyacinth to the Enderun courtyard. White hyacinths brought from Maraş at the Ottoman Period were acquired from the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul Haluk Dursun said. He also told that there... ...More